Couples Counseling

Our romantic relationships play a key role in our lives and wellbeing. When they aren’t working well it can affect us profoundly in all areas of our lives. Influenced by the PACT model for couples counseling (Stan Tatkin), Imago therapy (Harville Hendrix) and Emotional Focused Therapy (Sue Johnson) I take a holistic approach towards couples counseling. This approach includes a deep understanding of childhood wounding and attachment dynamics, communication styles, fight, flight and freeze responses as well as intimacy and sexuality.

In addition to having couples talk to me about the issues they are having, I have couples face each other and bring up the issues that they have to their partner. This experiential approach allows us to work through the issues in real time and address the actual underlying triggers or dynamics at play.

This process also helps partners learn how to effectively attune to each other’s needs and create a dynamic of safety and security. Partners learn how to be sensitive to each other’s core wounding and needs and engage in a way that is supportive and healing instead of triggering or wounding. With correct attunement, couples can get out of the gridlocked pattern of war and pain and move into a supportive dynamic of love and healing.

By stepping into a couples counseling process you are investing in the relationship but also getting the chance to heal the parts of yourself that this relationship has brought to light. This challenging process is an opportunity to heal both oneself and the relationship and open up new levels of satisfaction, love and enjoyment.

There is no need to wait for years of frustration, hurt and animosity to build up before reaching out for couples counseling. It’s best to reach out before then to help the relationship get the support it needs to succeed and thrive.

Reach out today if you’re experiencing pain or challenges in your romantic relationship. Challenges can include:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu
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