Psychotherapy is the process of exploring and working through any issues, traumas, or struggles that are holding you back from optimal emotional and mental health. During this process you will gain insight into the various layers that are contributing to your struggles and how you can begin facing them and healing them.

Therapy allows for that which has been pushed away or left in the realm of the unconscious to make its way to the conscious and be worked through. This amazing process leaves one feeling more whole, present, and free.

During the therapeutic process, it is important to take into account all layers that affect one’s development and wellbeing. Some of these layers can include the environment where a client grew up in, the level of attachment and care from their parents or caregivers that they experienced, their body and nervous system, current or past romantic relationships, sexuality and intimacy, and existential or religious issues.

I prefer not to focus on encouraging clients to “just change” their current behaviors or choices. Instead, I take a client focused approach and help clients work through the source of their issues. This allows for changes to be maintained as issues and traumas are faced, felt, and resolved.

I take a deep and compassionate approach with each client, making sure to trust their inner wisdom and the direction and pacing that’s right for them. My intention is to help each client maximize their time in therapy by using an array of tools and approaches including talk and somatic techniques. This holistic approach helps ensure each client achieves the breakthrough and healing they deserve. 

What I hope you get from our sessions:

I’m here to humbly and compassionately help you look at the struggling or painful parts of your life and guide you through them. I know how painful what you're going through can be, but I also know that healing is truly possible. Don’t suffer any longer than needed, and connect today to see if I can help facilitate your healing process.
- Dovid
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