Powerful steps towards knowing and healing yourself.

I am excited to share with you this mini-podcast that is packed with value and helpful insights for your journey towards emotional healing and breakthrough. (Plus its only thirteen minutes long)! Here are some of the topics covered: Why mindfulness is needed before beginning the self-work process and how to achieve that. How to work with the

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Embracing Beauty

Feeling the beauty and vitality of life sometimes has more to do with courage than anything else. Courage to open your arms, place a grin your face, and try your best to let go of all the reasons why you are not allowed to be happy or elated right now. Have you ever fully embraced

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Is there a better way?

Imagine coming home from a stressful day at work and you desperately need to unwind, de-stress, and fine a way to help your mind let go of the tension it is holding. What do you do to help yourself get there? Perhaps you collapse at the computer or T.V. and let your brain numb out

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Building your emotional container

Imagine after a long day finally sitting down to dinner with your wife, husband, or special someone. The food is prepared and smells great, all responsibilities are taken care of, and all what’s left to do is simply enjoy. The stage is set, and nothing seems to stand in the way of enjoying your upcoming

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Understanding stress and trauma

Understanding stress and trauma: To begin understanding stress or trauma we need to first touch on the three components that make up traumatic or overwhelming experiences. These components are: fight, flight and freeze. What is fight, flight and freeze? Imagine finding yourself in a situation that feels threatening or rattling. This could be a bully

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