Specializing in:

Childhood and Life Trauma

Stress and Anxiety



Dovid Meschaninov MS, LPCC, SEP

Mind-body Psychotherapy

Explore issues and trauma through dialogue and insight

Craniosacral Therapy

Heal stress, anxiety or trauma through light touch

Somatic Experiencing & EMDR

Connect to emotions and traumas held in the body and release them

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Emotional well-being and optimal living

I can honestly say that each session was an incredibly powerful and healing experience. Dovid is a warm caring person, someone with whom I felt completely safe. ” A, Z. - Age 30
Working with Dovid was truly both a novel and transformative experience. With the help of this new prism I am truly feeling healthier and more in control of my mood and inner state than ever before. A, L. -Age 36
Dovid is gifted at gently uncovering the core issues, exploring their impact on emotional and physical health, and facilitating the healing process. Female - 27
My sessions with Dovid have been empowering and transformational. His keen insight combined with his compassionate and gentle guidance has helped me overcome obstacles that were holding me back from living fully. - Female - Age 51

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